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Not all of our mates are Hospo royalty, we’ve got a bunch of them that are high achievers in their own industries! We thought we would cut in these entrepreneurial rockstars and see what they’re keen to drink.

This is Suzie, she’s a deadset legend and the brains behind The Tshirt Mill (among other businesses). Suzie is one hard working lady but when the weekend hits she’s known to let some steam of in style. An avid wine lover we set her loose in the shop and here’s what she came back with. She even made a shirt for us!

The Tshirt Mill is located in South Brisbane and you can check them out online where you can get shirts made to order with any design you want. These guys have a great reputation for high quality product and crazy turn around times. Make sure you look ‘em up and see what they’re up to!
Whats in the pack?
2019 Vino Volta Grenache Pet Nat

Volta is the wine child of Garth Cliff & Kristen McGann, calling on a collective 40 years of wine industry experience. Vino Volta makes tasty, quaffable medium bodied wines based out of Swan Valley, WA… They like to experiment. They like to play. This electric pink grenache pet-nat is no different. Its fun and fizzy, a little funky and positively loaded with personality. It's a spritzy wine that will charm any fan of this hugely popular wine style.
Pagan Quince Cider
Pagan are all about whole fruit ciders, no additions just good fruit. Sound familiar? Yeah it’s the same rhetoric as pretty much all your favourite wineries and to be honest it’s a short leap from Pet Nat to this style of cider. First off, yes, it’s dry! Secondly the interesting effect of Quince in cider is Tannin. Quince has heaps of it, Heaps! And the resulting cider is savoury, spicy and textural. It’s one of the most delicious drinks to grace our shop.
2017 La Violetta Chagrin Chardonnay
A nod to the old school here. The fruit comes from Great Southern, way down south in WA. The climate of the area allows the fruit to ripen with great flavour and excellent acid. The winemaking here includes a good whack of new oak and malolactic fermentation. The result is a toasty, well shaped wine with lovely acid the ties it together.

2019 Hughes and Hughes Barrel Ferment Riesling
Here’s a hell of a wine. Skin contact, barrel fermented, off dry Riesling from Tassie! Yeah, I know that’s a lot to take in but I’ll tell you what, it works! To summarise the concept it’s all about fruit, texture and acid. The wines of tassie ripen for ages because it’s so cool and the result is fruit with great flavour and acid. The skin contact enhances the complexity of flavour giving notes of orange citrus while it also builds tannin and weight. Finally the fact it’s off dry, allows for a little residual sugar to make the flavour pop while also adding a glyceryl texture to the pallet. The acidity completes it and let’s it finish fresh and seemingly dry.
2018 Eastern Peake ‘Tache’ Pinot
Eastern Peake is the family winery established by Owen Latta’s parents in 1985. They have been making Tache for about 20 years and it’s always been a nod to the great Roses of the Bandol in France. Tache means ‘stain’ and references the hint of colour that remains after the Pinot Noir is lightly pressed. The wine is aged on gross lees for 18 months before release and as a result is incredibly fresh but has broad mouthfeel to back it up.
2019 Dilworth and Allaine ‘Coup de Foudre’
The strike of lightning! A bit like Suzie this is bottled energy. To drink it is pure refreshment. The wine is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, both whole bunch pressed and aged in old French barriques before blending. It treads the uncertain line between Rose and light red with perhaps a little more conviction toward the latter. The only disappointment with it is that they didn’t make enough!

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